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Moving to a New Hosting Provider


My current assignment is to move bridgeblogging.com off one hosting provider (i.e. the web server of one company) to another. There are various reasons for doing this. You may have read about them when Master Point Press was moving other web sites.

In any case, as we do this move, we will be upgrading the version of WordPress (the software being used to manage this site). It is a major upgrade that has technical improvements, particularly to the way in which multiple blogs are hosted on one “site” — which is the whole reason bridgeblogging.com exists!

There are also improvements to security. We would also like to make some improvements to the responsiveness of the main site (individual blogger’s “sites” respond fine, but there is an issue with our Home page). However, working on that will have to wait until the migration to the new hosting provider is complete.

This, by the way, is the first post on the new hosting provider. The site is running with a special URL we are using for testing. So regular bridgeblogger.com visitors will not see it for a while.

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