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I’ve done some testing and the new release seems fine. The site will be updated some time tomorrow. It only took a few minutes to upgrade the test site. If you do happen to visit the site during those few minutes, you will see a “site down for maintenance” message — just try again a few minutes later 🙂

As you probably realize, especially if you have a blogging site hosted on bridgeblogging.com, this site uses software called WordPress. There is a new release of WordPress available (3.4). This is more than just bug-fixes and security patches. While it is not a full-blown, change the world release (it isn’t 4.0!), we will be testing the release on our test site prior to upgrading here.

For the most part, we do not expect you to see any obvious differences, but we just wanted you to know. This post will be updated when a date for the upgrade has been set.


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