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New Bridge Tools Function

We work on making bridge blogging as easy and enjoyable as we can. Of course, there are constraints — we have to work with some basic software such as WordPress and the reality of different people using different browsers.

A small note about the latter point — the Firefox web browser works very well with the bridgeblogging.com web site. If there are annoyances when creating blog posts, consider this browser — it is one of the major ones (there are others that work very well).

One of the things we suspect is an annoyance is to write a thoughtful blog post about a deal and have it marred by a minor typo when entering the deal — 14 cards in one hand, two hands holding the 3, etc. So we have tried to make life easier.

Check the deal

When you enter a full-deal using Bridge Tools II, you will see an additional button at the bottom. It looks like the one at the left.

When you click this button, Bridge Tools II performs some simple tests to see if the deal looks alright. It may not catch all possible errors, but it does catch the following:

  • Wrong number of cards in a hand
  • Wrong number of cards in a suit
  • Invalid characters in a suit
  • Duplicate cards (“x”s are excluded 🙂 )

A simple dialog will be displayed that indicates whether the deal looks alright or, if not, a list of errors. When you click the “OK” button, the dialog disappears. You can correct the errors or ignore them — it is totally up to you. You may, for example, be reporting a deal where someone has the 5 mixed in with his diamonds.

We hope this little addition makes blogging just a little easier for you.

Oh, if you have suggestions, please send them to us. We cannot guarantee to implement them all. Some may even go against our web site philosophy or design, but we will consider them all.

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