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Handling Bridge Diagrams and Suit Symbols

The Bridge Tools available when using WordPress (on bridgeblogging.com) are not available in the desktop blogging applications. There are some workarounds that can be used for some of the things you may wish to do.

One important thing is that on bridgeblogging.com, there are some short codes defined. These consist of some text surrounded by square brackets. WordPress does substitution for the short codes at the point at which it sends a page to a viewer’s browser for display. Since short codes cannot be confused with HTML markup, they are just more text as far as WordPress is concerned. That means:

If you write out the short code for something (or copy-and-paste it), then it will work.

Suit Symbols

The short codes for suit symbols are simply the initial letter of the word. I cannot write them here as WordPress would attempt the substitution, so I will use curly braces. So “{s}” (no quotes) for spades, “{h}” for hearts and so on.

BBO Bridge Viewer Movies

These require a rather more complex short code. You will want to save the text somewhere and copy-and-paste it into the post you are writing, substituting the appropriate parameter for the text “xxxx” in the example. I’ll only use the curly braces and not enclose it in quotes as that would be confusing (the short code contains double-quote marks — they must be straight double-quote marks, not curly quotes or Microsoft Word “smart quotes”). Note this text is a single line with single blanks between things (it may display funnily).

{iframe height=”400″ width=”500″ scrolling=”auto” src=”http://www.bridgebase.com/tools/handviewer.html?xxxx”}


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