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General Set-up

Regardless of which kind of personal computer set-up you have, once you have installed a desktop blogging application, you will need to do some set-up. This set-up usually involves creating one or more “accounts” (only one is required if you are only going to be using the application to create and submit posts to bridgeblogging.com). Some applications can handle more than just WordPress blog sites, in which case you will need to indicate that the account is for a WordPress blog. There are three other pieces of information that are needed:

  • The URL which the application is to use to establish a connection to the WordPress application running on bridgeblogging.com’s servers
  • Your “user name”
  • Your password

For our purposes, look at the URL that is displayed when you view your blog site in a browser (either its main page or one of your posts). It will look something like “linda.bridgeblogging.com/...” (mine looks like “jrg0.bridgeblogging.com“). Note the part before that first period (“linda” or “jrg0” in the two examples). I will call this “your site name” (technically it is a “sub-domain”). You will normally have been told this when your blog site was originally set-up, but you can double-check it as just described.

The URL for connecting is: http://your-site-name.bridgeblogging.com/xmlrpc.php

Substitute your site name for “your-site-name“. Your “user name” is easy, it’s just your site name. The password is whatever you have set your bridgeblogging.com login password to.

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