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Loyal Aces on Bridge Followers…

For those of you that follow the Aces on Bridge columns and noticed some recent comments went missing — they have been recreated (under my name, but attributed to their rightful owners).

Open Live Writer

Some of you are fans of Windows Live Writer, a Microsoft blogging tool. Unfortunately, Microsoft no longer supports this product. However what they have done, is made the source code available under an open source license through a group called the .NET Foundation. This group have created an independent version of Windows Live Writer which they call Open Live Writer. Read the rest of this entry »

Behind the Scenes Software Changes (Re-written)

It seems I fell into the trap of talking “programmer-ese”, so I’ve re-written this post.

We recently made some programming changes to address various issues. There is a doctored picture of the bridgeblogging.com Home page below. I’m a lousy artist, but it should illustrate the two changes that have been made (discussed below the picture). Read the rest of this entry »

What’s an Opening Bid?

Over the past few days, I spent some time watching the USBF Team Trials to choose USA-2. As expected, pairs bid aggressively and, in general, played and defended very well. Also, as expected, there were some disasters. Read the rest of this entry »

For Bloggers: Minor improvement

You may have noticed the excerpts that we display on the bridgeblogging.com Home page sometimes look a little weird, or even mess-up the layout somewhat. We have improved things a little. Read the rest of this entry »

Software Changes Testing

PLEASE IGNORE — Just S/W Testing.


This is a bidding convention created by the university professor, mathematician Monroe Ingberman. It addresses a problem encountered after opener reverses. Read the rest of this entry »

A Bridge Cryptic Crossword

I stopped doing cryptic crosswords several years ago — I did sudoku puzzles for a while. Recently I started doing them again and the enjoyment of the challenge came back.

So I thought I’d try creating one of my own — with bridge as the theme. If you try this one, let me know whether you enjoyed it. All constructive criticism is welcome!

You can download this as a PDF file and print it so you can use pencil and eraser on it.




 1 Ben has one too, but only one zero! (7)
 4 Modified ruses result in adherents. (5)
 7 The Laws say they are not allowed, even in paid sessions. (4)
 8 & 16 down Rocky foothold on way to stranded one, gained with pressure. (8,5)
10 Blood usen’t to upset balanced nature. (10)
12 Went down with cry of anguish. (6)
13 UI uses is causing troubles. (6)
15 Spades and hearts cheering on the game? (10)
18 Rod’s ABC’s are about a top one. (4,4)
19 Bobby Wolff has done a lot of this work in his pro career. (4)
20 His leads have tranformed them. (5)
21 Sport that is conducive to quick retort. (7)


 1 A drug stops opponents’ suit. (5)
 2 Bolder move E.U. is response to insult. (8)
 3 Multiple pairs of Teams of Four? (6)
 4 I shun Ed’s pun, it’s about undoubled sacrifice. (10)
 5 Leave, don’t give anything away. (4)
 6 Does giving lass gin send messages? (7)
 9 Regular stipends made for beginner’s mistakes. (10)
11 Cautions apply to these sequences. (8)
12 Gratis attempt to compete? (4,3)
14 Sounds like the wine server but not as well off. (6)
16 See 8 across. (5)
17 Area Siam is in. (4)

Educating Players About the Rules — At Our Club

I thought of commenting on Judy Kay-Wolff’s post, Abiding by, and Knowing, the Rules, but decided on a post of my own. The particular issue involves the “good of the game” versus “pragmatic, don’t lose players to another club”.

Read the rest of this entry »

Desktop Blogging

BridgeBlogging.com uses the WordPress multi-site blogging software to support our bloggers.

Read the rest of this entry »

Small Change to Appearance

We have made one or two small adjustments to the look of bridgeblogging.com and hope you approve.

  • The same photograph that appears beside the extract of your post (when it shows up on the bridgeblogging.com Home page), now also appears in the masthead when someone reads your posts or visits your blog’s Home page.
  • The links that appear at the top of the window have been cleaned up. Formerly there were two Home links, one to the bridgeblogging.com Home page and the other to your blog’s Home page (a little confusing and long-winded). The former has been removed as it is just as easy to click on the logo (or use the back button); the latter has been reduced to the single word “HOME”.
  • The green bar below the logo has also been tweaked. It now displays the “Title” of your blog site. If your site has a “Tagline” set, then that is shown after the title, separated from it by a dash.

After you have looked at it, feel free to send us an updated photograph to use — you always could, so this is just a reminder 🙂

Also, if you want the Title of your blog site or the Tagline changing, send that information to us as well. It is possible to change it yourself, but we are more than happy to make that change and save you from having to delve into the nitty-gritty.